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Stories from an unmarried guy navigating through dates, owning a couple of dogs, being a brother, son, and friend, and looking for adventures along the way.

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Guys like this give dating (and guys who have all their teeth) a bad name

I seriously hope Minsoo isn’t reading this. I’m not making fun of him as much as I am wondering which girl in Nashville would honestly reply to this heartwarming message?
The highlights:
1. he’s new in here
2. he has all his teeth (and they’re super clean!)
3. he has 2 pictures, one with clothes, one without (aww, come on Minsoo!)
4. the more I read it, I’m Minsoo!! (except for that whole 3-times-a-day teeth brushing thing… gosh, Minsoo, let ‘em breath)

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Girls like this give dating (and trailer parks) a bad name

I don’t think much explanation is needed for this but once you read it, you’ll be dying to read a dictionary for it’s proper spelling alone! Anyone outside of Tennessee, this is not the best we have to offer… I hope. My favorites:
1. tryna make it (hey, aren’t we all)
2. ne thing (much easier than typing anything, ow my fingers hurt now)
3. all she needs are hot water and a toothbrush (for her 3 teeth, I’m assuming)

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Suicide in the wake of Robin Williams’ death

The recent death of Robin Williams has not seemed to spark as much debate as it should about suicide. But before I get into my thoughts on it, I want to say that losing anyone that is loved and provided happiness to people is a tragedy and loss that tops all other losses. Whether the death is expected or a surprise, it’s the worse part of being human and knowing we all have an expiration date. Even with the young kid in Ferguson, Missouri, you can say what you want about his behavior, what he was or wasn’t doing before being killed, but he was someone’s son. Someone’s friend. So for those reasons, it’s not wrong to feel sad about his death. Whether it was justified or not, I suppose it’ll be up to a court to decide if the police officer was acting within his rights as a defender and protector of the public. I have my opinions but getting back to the Robin Williams thing, I’m torn in half about it. It’s extremely sad that he, or anyone, felt that their only option, their best option, was to die. I can’t wrap my head around that sort of decision. Of course, there are scenarios where it could make more sense. Being held captive, being tortured or treated inhumanely, or giving your life so someone else can live. But I’d venture to say Robin wasn’t in a scenario like that. 

What I’d like to see more in the media is, not so much a condemning, but a clear message that suicide is extremely selfish. It won’t make you more loved. People will miss you, yes, but think about what you’re doing to them. By escaping your own demons, you’re heaping a great amount of pain on to the few people you love. I can’t think of anything more selfish. 

The news coverage of Robin’s death concerned me more than I expected, but my worry had nothing to do with Robin. It was in the wake of his death that so much love was displayed for him. Now let’s say someone struggling with feelings of being unloved and unwanted watches how the masses come out to praise Robin for the good he’s done. Celebrities, regular people, all come out of the woodwork to say how much they loved him. So what’s this person who’s feeling unloved going to think about taking their own life? “Wow, if I die, people will love me.” I sincerely hope that line of thinking won’t happen but it makes sense to me. 

What I’d like to say to that person is this: suicide is the most cowardly, selfish, laziest, inhumane thing you can do, not to mention painful and dangerous. It shouldn’t even be the last option on your list. Don’t be like Robin in his death. If anything, be like him in his life. Care for other people, make them laugh, and love them more than you love yourself. That’s where Robin fell short. He didn’t realize taking the easy way out made it hard for everyone else. 

-Out of the Wilderness

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Top 5 Kenny Chesney Music Videos

Kenny Chesney’s come a long way since this:
kennychesneyAlthough one could argue that mullets (no, that’s not a shadow you see, it’s a mullet) were once considered cool. Just like rat tails and fanny packs, one of which I still wear today. I’ll let you guess.

rat tail haircut

rat tail haircut.

Hint: it rhymes with shmanny shmack, but I digress. This is not about me or the convenience of having a 5th pocket! It’s about the best Kenny Chesney music videos in all the land. So before I reveal too much about how cool I was in junior high, or how rico suave I am now, here are Kenny’s Top 5 music videos.

Video 5: Come Over. For me the song might forever be ruined by the parody “Comb Over,” but just looking at the video itself, it’s amazing. Shot in Miami with a boat that I drool over, Kenny Chesney steers the vessel to a seaside residence and well, you can probably guess what happens in Miami late at night with a scantily clad woman. But all I can think about is that boat.

Video 4: The Boys of Fall. Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with football in all it’s forms (college, NFL, fantasy), but this video makes me want to throw the pigskin clear over those mountains right there. I love that he includes clips of Dan Marino (the Dolphins were my team when I was growing up) and Neon Deion Sanders (a favorite Seminole). From top to bottom, this is a good one. Just don’t go to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville too often, you’ll get sick of the song/video on repeat. all. day.

Video 3: I Go Back. If the first 45 seconds don’t suck you right in, then you’re a yankee! Down here in the south, it’s football, family, and faith… sometimes in that order. From the way the audio clips are weaved creating a sense of nostalgia to the crisp, engaging style of edit, this is a great video.

Video 2: Who You’d Be Today. This one hits the heart. Mostly because I’m a softy (yes, one of my favorite movies is The Notebook). This video reminds me how much I love my family and friends, and if it doesn’t do the same for you, then you’re a yankee!

Video 1: There’s no question this is the best video of all time. When martians are digging around the rubble of downtown Nashville in the year 2538, I hope they find a VHS copy of this video and feel really bad about destroying our earth! The video is like a “salt life” sticker for your eyes. Actually, salt life stickers are for your eyes, but let’s say those stickers are a book mark and this video is the novel… all about why we love falling in love, why we love the beach, and how those two sometimes go hand in hand.


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